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Adding fruits to your daily meal especially in the morning can make you healthier and energetic. Fruits taken in an empty stomach can give you more nutrients as opposed to eating them as dessert. So, how about a serving of DOLE® Bananas? They are packed with vitamins and minerals, simply the best morning treat to give you the energy which could last through out the day. In this fast-paced world where we live in, we sometimes skip meals or go for express servings instead of eating freshly-made breakfast. But to cope with daily challenges, being healthy is a must. With this in mind, Dole Philippines... 

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Ripe Mangoes

Want to make the most out of ripe mangoes the Thai way? Mango for Dessert! Here’s how to make Mango with Sticky Rice (Khao Niew Mamuang): Mango with Sticky Rice: Ingredients Mango with Sticky Rice: How to Prepare Recipe courtesy of Marriot Cafe (Thai Cooking Class @ Marriot Manila)  

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