Bento Set for 2 at Sushiya

We’ve been dining at Sushiya for countless time but I believe we haven’t posted any review yet. Pictures, maybe. Just like this one: Bento Set for 2... good for big tummies! Thanks to Pong, our MTG friend who dined with us. My boyfriend and I have stomachs that only count as one. Hehe. Light eaters. And this heavy meal is too much! P.S. Will check my archives (notepad drafts) for Sushiya reviews. Our first Sushiya experience was at Megamall. But this time, we had it at Robinson’s Galleria.  

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Steamed Shrimp in Sweet Chili Sauce - Thuk Thai

Due to conflicting schedule, my boyfriend and I rarely go out. Well, attending the Sunday mass and joining Magic The Gathering tournament happen during weekends so I’m referring to weekdays. I was surprised earlier when he texted that he’s waiting for me at the 8th floor of RBC Tower 2 after dropping by to my place and leaving my MTG deck to our landlady. Cool! I was not feeling well and his presence would definitely make me feel better. Thuk Thai was our first choice for late lunch. We indulged ourselves with these hottest cravings: Steamed Shrimp in Sweet Chili Sauce Chicken in Green... 

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During my college years in the University of Santo Tomas, I usually go home during lunch time since our place was not that far away from the school in the sense that it only takes one jeepney ride, an approximate travel time of 15 minutes or from Laong Laan heading to the Laloma area in Quezon City. And most of the time, I’d arrive home with lunch already served on the table. Since I was not working at that time and we were not really that well off financially, I had to make do of what was served on the table. Of course, this does not mean that we don’t have good meals at home once in a while... 

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