Strawberry Dessert

There’s nothing more romantic than cooking a meal for your partner. Unlike in a restaurant you can control all of the variables, decking your place out with charming décor, putting on Frank Sinatra and achieving the perfect mood lighting with a combination of red cloths spread over lamps and a sea of table candles. However, restaurants have the advantage of producing consistently high-quality food – at least if you go to the right ones anyway. They can also cook a wide range of dishes, a feat beyond the resources of a home kitchen and one chef. The risk with cooking at home, then, is you have... 

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First, the young entrepreneurs behind MedChef: MedChef L-R: Chef Hasset Go and Jayson Paul Carlos Then, my greetings: Happy 1st Anniversary MedChef! Though Rhonz and I had a hard time finding the venue, we’re able to make it just in time before the cake show. I’m not sure if we’ve missed a lot while we’re not there yet. Anyway, here are the sweet highlights of the night! The cake show! I was too close to the runway and the ramp models were tall (obviously!) so please bear with my shots. CakeDSC_0929 CakeDSC_0932 CakeDSC_0936 CakeDSC_0937 CakeDSC_0939 CakeDSC_0943 CakeDSC_0945 CakeDSC_0946 CakeDSC_0947 CakeDSC_0949 And... 

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Selecta Icecream Chocolate Truffles

This is a random pick from NBS candy cart at Retiro, Q.C. Dig in! It’s gold. It’s Selecta, real chocolatey! Can’t get enough this! We want a bigger gallon! Have to look for one at a convenience store or the nearest supermarket! The chocolate icecream you can’t and won’t resist! If you’re thinking about opening an ice cream shop you can check out Instaware’s guide.  

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Fedhz Polvoron on Table

Thanks Fedhz’ (of NoobFoodie) for this yummy polvoron! Don’t know what to put in captions since I’m not sure of their flavors except that I know which one is Cookies ‘N Cream. 🙂 The other two are Crunch and Peanut Butter, right Fedhz? Thanks for dropping by at my Human Nature booth last time. Nice to meet you! Fedhz' Polvoron I want them all! Crunch, I guess? Cookies 'N Cream! Crunch, Cookies ‘N Cream, Peanut Butter… love them all! According to Fedhz, making polvoron is a good homebased business. Another sweet treat I’d love to have are cotton... 

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Yeah, a real heavenly mix – Café Adriatico’s special halo halo! Pure goodness! Pure delight! Where? Café Adriatico, Malate 1790 M. Adriatico St., Remedios Circle, Malate Manila, Metro Manila Philippines  

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