Top Three Steak Houses In America

United States is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and gorgeous celebrities. However, there is also another important attraction in America that make tourists keep coming back. America is also famous... »more

Yumemiya Japanese Cafe

Yumemiya Fried Prawn Bowl

Rei and KC have been so kind to us eversince and we are really thankful when this couple invited us for a double date at Yumemiya Japanese Cafe on Rei’s birthday. One of the owners of this cafe is a friend of Rei’s sister so they decided... »more

I’ll Get Back to You, Thai Pan!

Food at Thai Pan

We had our Team APAC Get Together/Dinner at Thai Pan last night but because I came late along with my two other friends, I didn’t get the chance to taste all the food they ordered. I just contented myself with Chicken Curry and Green Mango Shake.... »more

Strawberry Dessert

There’s nothing more romantic than cooking a meal for your partner. Unlike in a restaurant you can control all of the variables, decking your place out with charming décor, putting on Frank Sinatra and achieving the perfect mood lighting with a combination of red cloths spread over lamps and a sea of table candles. However, restaurants have the advantage of producing consistently high-quality food – at least if you go to the right ones anyway. They can also cook a wide range of dishes, a feat beyond the resources of a home kitchen and one chef. The risk with cooking at home, then, is you have... 

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Chef d Angelo Eat All You Can

Yay! I had a great dinner today at Chef d’ Angelo SM San Lazaro! It’s big thanks to my bf’s cousin. The three of us filled our super hungry stomach with lots of pasta and pizza! Unlimited supply of food! Get unlimited servings of pizza, pasta, salad and soup! Eat-ALL-You-Can promo is available from 11AM-2PM and 5PM-8PM at SM San Lazaro. For schedule on different Chef d’ Angelo branches, refer to this poster: Chef d' Angelo Eat All You Can Schedule Also a heads up, we paid P175 per head since there’s additional fish fillet dish in the buffet. So the new package... 

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Patak's Roast Spiced Chicken with Indian Style Gravy

It is just a couple of months away before Christmas which makes this the perfect time to brush up on some of your cooking skills. You know for a fact that celebrating the coming holidays will not be complete if there isn’t a feast on your table. If you are one of those of people who love to eat chicken then maybe the first thing that you should do is to search for some chicken recipes. Patak's Roast Spiced Chicken with Indian Style Gravy The great thing about today’s technology is that you can easily look up recipes online. No longer do you need to go to a mall to purchase a recipe book.... 

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With the prices of basic commodities hiking up and no promising changes about the economy, spending money for our necessities really need careful consideration. Not only that, when emergency arises, we have to take out some portion from our savings. Financial challenges come and go, so as they say. We must be thankful that there are also online solutions available these days. Take for example the payday loans. When shopping for groceries becomes nearly impossible because we have to cut our expenses, we can opt for payday loan. Food is a basic need that we can just shrug off or else, we will get... 

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Welcome bloggers! It’s my first time to join the Blog Follower Caravan so I’m hoping that everything will turn out good (and I hope I am doing this right). 🙂 Thanks to mumwrites, Hands Full of Life and Postcard Enthusiast for sponsoring this weekend’s WBFC. So, to all the participants, please mega-follow this blog: 1. Google Friend Connect widget is at the bottom right sidebar 2. Twitter 3. Couple’s Trip fan page Thanks everyone!  

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With the exotic backdrop of Rio de Janiero, one would expect to find a whole host of exotic drinks to complement the surroundings – and Brazil, for one, does not disappoint in the slightest. It would appear that over the many years, since the exodus from the European countries – and in particular, Portugal, the Brazilians have been creating cocktails at a frightening rate. Caipirinha! With the array of exotic cocktails on offer, none are more popular than what Brazilians endearingly call the “Caipirinha”. The Caipirinha is a rum-based cocktail made with a peculiar ingredient... 

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Teaser post: Nay for the love of pink! Fansign reads, "I ♥ LIZZIE (of) Yeah, photos before anything else. BenMore Whisky So here’s the update… It was really nice meeting my fellow bloggers and Brand Ambassador Borgy Manotoc plus getting to know BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky. Now, everyone can enjoy affordable and high-quality whisky in the Philippines. Also, there are different ways to enjoy BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky! You may drink it straight, with tonic water, iced tea, cola or soda or any mix of your choice. The best mix for me is... 

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Dole Photo Contest

Adding fruits to your daily meal especially in the morning can make you healthier and energetic. Fruits taken in an empty stomach can give you more nutrients as opposed to eating them as dessert. So, how about a serving of DOLE® Bananas? They are packed with vitamins and minerals, simply the best morning treat to give you the energy which could last through out the day. In this fast-paced world where we live in, we sometimes skip meals or go for express servings instead of eating freshly-made breakfast. But to cope with daily challenges, being healthy is a must. With this in mind, Dole Philippines... 

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Cucumber & smoked-salmon with cream cheese

As a toast to MIHCA’s (Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts) success, the school celebrated it with an activity called “Retrospective: The MIHCA Open-house 2011”. Some teaser photos: Cucumber & smoked-salmon with cream cheese Gosh, I forgot what it's called! Olive in cream cheese... Those yummy servings were our appetizer as we made our way from the hotel rooms replica, kitchen, commissary area, bar, etc. The event is a dining and learning session in one. We had a tour around the campus and I learned something new on each designated area. The executive consultant... 

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First, the young entrepreneurs behind MedChef: MedChef L-R: Chef Hasset Go and Jayson Paul Carlos Then, my greetings: Happy 1st Anniversary MedChef! Though Rhonz and I had a hard time finding the venue, we’re able to make it just in time before the cake show. I’m not sure if we’ve missed a lot while we’re not there yet. Anyway, here are the sweet highlights of the night! The cake show! I was too close to the runway and the ramp models were tall (obviously!) so please bear with my shots. CakeDSC_0929 CakeDSC_0932 CakeDSC_0936 CakeDSC_0937 CakeDSC_0939 CakeDSC_0943 CakeDSC_0945 CakeDSC_0946 CakeDSC_0947 CakeDSC_0949 And... 

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