Yumemiya Fried Prawn Bowl

Rei and KC have been so kind to us eversince and we are really thankful when this couple invited us for a double date at Yumemiya Japanese Cafe on Rei’s birthday. One of the owners of this cafe is a friend of Rei’s sister so they decided to give it a try. The Japanese resto has an inviting and cozy atmosphere. But one thing for sure, it didn’t feel like you’re in Japan until you taste your food. Lol. I wasn’t able to get more photos since I don’t have my DSLR with me and my phone was running out of battery during that time. I managed to shoot these two though: Fried... 

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Ichi Ban Da Ne - Japanese Resto

It was not long ago when my mom passed away and during those times, I did not really eat as much as I used to. I mean who would have the appetite to eat? Imagine, my mom was confined in the emergency room for what? Was it three days? And the times that I visit her and looked after her often had gruesome scenarios taking place in the background. Feel free to imagine whatever comes to your mind with the word “gruesome”. I seriously did not bother having breakfast, lunch or even dinner. I did not even drink any liquids during those days. I was like that for those couple of days I spent time watching... 

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Karate Kid Halohalo Upclose

The resto: Karate Kid Restaurant Foodssss! Iced Tea Punch Karate Kid Miso Soup Soupylicious! Karate Kid Halo Halo Karate Kid Halohalo Upclose Coffee Jelly! Chocolate Mousse Enjoying Chocolate Mousse before the main dish... Gyudon Gyudon Chicken Katsudon Chicken Katsudon Karate Kid *Images taken using SE K770i I took those photos but Raven Knives will be the one to post the review. 🙂 Stay tuned.  

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