It was so nice to be active in the blogging community again. The SM Master Chefs event jump- started my idle blogging career (exag!) especially that I was with Rhonz when I attended it. 🙂 I had a great time and learned a lot from the master chefs of Unilever, San Miguel, Nestle, Bounty Fresh, and CDO namely: Chef Menoy Gimenez (CDO) Chef Pau Sia (UFS) Chef Tess Sulito (Nestle) Chef Arnold Bernardo (Bounty Fresh) Chef RJ Garcia (San Miguel) I also won a cook book so I was really excited to try new recipes! As one of the bloggers, I got the chance to attend the cooking demo and taste their... 

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Pyrite beads are something that a lot of people will buy because they look like gold. They are also known as “fool’s gold.” This is because they are a natural gold or a dark grey color. They can be dyed to be many other colors too. This will tend to give it a textured look when they get dyed. There are many options that a jewelry maker will have when they run across this bead. One difference between this “fools gold” and real gold is that it is much lighter. It is also much harder. The pyrite beads will not get scratched by fingernails or pocket knives. Some people say that they have... 

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Unique Blog Award

Thanks Yannie for sharing the 99.9% Unique Blog Award with me! I’m really working hard to keep this blog interesting and updated. To all the CouplesTrip readers, feel free to grab this award: I made this badge for a more winning appeal. 🙂 If you blog your own thoughts and keep your content original, give credits to sources and freely share your insights, then you deserve this award! Pass it on! *Cake Photo Credit:  

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CouplesTrip New Year Greetings for 2012

I hope you’re having a wonderful celebration. Have a prosperous 2012! Raven and I will be back to Manila later. For now, we are enjoying our stay with my family. Lots of foods, great greenery and soft breeze! Ideal and romantic. Lol. As much as I wanted to blog about the entire New Year experience in Batangas, we’re so busy right now. Just making the most of our day away from the city. And I was not able to take more pictures of the dessert and other food. Super overwhelmed to do so! I love sweets!  

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With the prices of basic commodities hiking up and no promising changes about the economy, spending money for our necessities really need careful consideration. Not only that, when emergency arises, we have to take out some portion from our savings. Financial challenges come and go, so as they say. We must be thankful that there are also online solutions available these days. Take for example the payday loans. When shopping for groceries becomes nearly impossible because we have to cut our expenses, we can opt for payday loan. Food is a basic need that we can just shrug off or else, we will get... 

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Welcome bloggers! It’s my first time to join the Blog Follower Caravan so I’m hoping that everything will turn out good (and I hope I am doing this right). 🙂 Thanks to mumwrites, Hands Full of Life and Postcard Enthusiast for sponsoring this weekend’s WBFC. So, to all the participants, please mega-follow this blog: 1. Google Friend Connect widget is at the bottom right sidebar 2. Twitter 3. Couple’s Trip fan page Thanks everyone!  

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Starbucks Chocolate Cream Chip

At it’s best! Had two tall servings in one night! Starbucks Chocolate Cream Chip Photo taken using my SE K770i. That’s my second chocolate cream chip frappe while waiting for my boyfriend. Such a happy day! Had accomplished a lot of things, enjoyed playing magic, love the coffee and sweet moments with my loving boyfriend. 🙂 Couple’s trip for today! From Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop (near La Salle) to Glorietta 5.  

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I have already read 3 articles concerning Georgia, the Big Bad Blogger and the extortionist PR firm. For your reference: 1. Please Dont Give Blogging a Bad Name 2. Jagged Jaded Journalist and the Big Bad Blogger 3. I Told You So I tried to post a comment on the first one but the spam filter whatever is not appearing, therefore my comment was not accepted. On the second article, I have nothing much to say. Is he taking sides? Questioning around and the like, hence the search for credibility.  As for the third one, two thumbs up! And he got tons of integrity and credibility for his readers. Here’s... 

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Here and there! Gosh, I’m so guilty of neglecting this blog of ours. I better upload all the images from my DSLR and start updating this site again. Whew, so many pending tasks!  

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My food blog is up! I have lots of images from my cellphone to upload. Oh my! Another pending task. Whew! You'll love it! Image source:  

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