Air fryerWith January coming to an end, there’s one particular day that many of us are looking for to celebrating or musing about. Regardless of what you’re looking to do for valentines, it is a day meant to spend with love and camaraderie. If you have a significant other, there’s a lot of plan out and do for this day. While most individuals would bring out their best clothes and book one of the fancy restaurants for the day, staying at home is also a good option.

While you can opt to count it as any normal day, there’s really no fun in that. To spice up the day while still spending it at home, here are some food ideas you can do to make Valentines memorable despite how it is spent:

– Make your share of chocolates. Valentines is a day where chocolates is circulated widely. Normally, you can get your share of chocolates by buying them from the store. If you want to make chocolates more meaningful, you can make some of your own. You can opt to get your share of chocolates by purchasing compound chocolate and melt them into molds or add some fillings to bring a more flavorful appeal to your chocolates. Or you can opt to buy cocoa powder and make your chocolates from scratch.

– Another way to enjoy making food for valentines is opting for a healthier option in making your meals. Hoping to make your share of burgers? You can make use of air fryers as they do the job without putting so much grease and oil into your food. If you’re not familiar what air fryers are, these machines make use of hot air. It won’t taste the same way deep fried food would since it doesn’t make use of oil but it’s a much healthier option. You can cook a lot of food through the air fryer such as french fries, chicken and many more. It may appear to work like a steamer but your food still comes out much like a fried meal.

– If you have a penchant for baking, it’s a good idea to make Valentine pastries. Confection is a common theme for Valentines day so it’s no surprise that this day would be teeming with pastries to counter chocolates being passed around. If you’re not well versed with baking, you can start off with some easy sugar cookies. Using the chocolate method mentioned above, you can make a great dessert to top off any meal you’ve made at home.

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