Kobe beef is one of the most expensive forms of meat available in the market. In Japan, Kobe beef sells for over $100 a pound. According to meat experts, one of reasons this beef is so expensive is because the Wagyu cattle, where the beef came from follow a strict and special diet. It only eats rice, maize and barley. Its handling is very time consuming as well. Moreover, the flavor and tenderness of the beef is like no other. If you are planning to buy Kobe beef, here are a few suggestions:

Allen Brothers
The Allen Brothers has been in the business since 1893. They offer a variety of food products from pork, chicken to the finest beef. They also supply products to top chefs and restaurants all over the country. Their customers include Gene & Georgetti, Lawry’s The Prime Rib and Nick & Sam’s. They also cater to clients who order via the internet. You can order filet Mignon, Wagyu sliders, ground beef, rib eye, strip steak, tenderloin roasts and Kobe steaks online.

Prime Selection
Since 1993, Prime Selection has been providing the finest pork, poultry, veal, lamb and beef products to their customers. They now have four offices in California and they ship anywhere across the country. They also have on-line and home delivery services and their supply includes Wagyu Kobe Beef, the finest form of beef in the market.

Snake River Farms
If you are looking for an American Wagyu Beef that is extremely tender and delicious, check out Snake River Farms. The company is a family-owned business. They started with a small herd of Wagyu cattle from Japan over a decade ago. Snake River Farms is also known for their American Kurobuta Pork, which is the finest pork meat available. This type of pork is 100% pure all-natural Berkshire.

Morgan Ranch
The company is known as one of the finest producers of Kobe beef in America. Like Snake River Farms, Morgan Ranch is family-owned. They are located in Burwell, Nebraska, which is known as the best cattle producing area in the world. Morgan Ranch also provides mail order services to their clients.

Since Kobe beef is one of the most exclusive types of meat around, you will certainly get a piece for over a hundred dollars in some restaurants. If you want to save, you can find a nice recipe and cook it yourself. Listed above are some of the best producers of Kobe beef in the country, contact them and find out which deal fits your taste buds best.

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