There’s nothing more romantic than cooking a meal for your partner. Unlike in a restaurant you can control all of the variables, decking your place out with charming décor, putting on Frank Sinatra and achieving the perfect mood lighting with a combination of red cloths spread over lamps and a sea of table candles. However, restaurants have the advantage of producing consistently high-quality food – at least if you go to the right ones anyway. They can also cook a wide range of dishes, a feat beyond the resources of a home kitchen and one chef. The risk with cooking at home, then, is you have to be bold and pick just one meal with maybe a few courses, and hope it turns out alright.

Here are a few very romantic courses you could include in your meal.

Oysters on Ice

A cliché of romance, this seafood starter is a great way to start the meal – sophisticated, delicious and one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world. It’s essential that these are as fresh as you can possibly buy them to enrich the flavour. Also, make sure to check with your date for an aversion to sea food, as it is a common allergy.


Flour Tortillas

Go Mexican and serve up fajitas as a main. The DIY element of constructing your own wraps has many advantages here, especially for a first date. Firstly, your guest can help themself to match their own taste, thus passing over any problems with serving sizes. Also, the process is rather fun and informal, breaking the ice so that you’re eating companionably with your hands.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Just saying this out loud in an Italian accent can make someone weak at the knees. Maybe it’s the famous Disney scene from Lady and the Tramp, maybe it’s the Italian origin or maybe it’s simply because it always tastes delicious. Whatever the reason, Spag Bol is a failsafe and extremely romantic course to serve.

Strawberry Dessert

This can be a starter, a main a dessert – or even all three. Start with a cheese fondue, dipping vegetables and bread into melted cheese. Next move on to a meat main, cooking pieces of meat on a hot plate in the centre of the table with various accompaniments. Then, for dessert prepare a bowl of melted chocolate, with assorted fruit and marshmallows to skewer and cover in the creamy liquid. The DIY element will again break any formality and ease the atmosphere.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Continuing with the chocolate theme, why not make a delicious Chocolate fudge cake for your dessert with an accompanying sauce? There are few singles out there that could resist this. Chocolate has been proven to trigger the production of endorphins, boosting happiness and enhancing amorous feelings.

Choosing a romantic menu isn’t easy. Make your dinner date perfect by cooking a selection of these truly romantic dishes.

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10 Responses to “The 5 Most Romantic Dishes”

  1. Cee
    2:39 pm on November 25th, 2011

    I laughed at the Frank Sinatra part because seriously my husband is too young for his songs, but surprisingly he loves listening to them. My total opposite. LOL

  2. Jupiter Jim
    9:15 pm on November 25th, 2011

    first of all I want to say that I build blogs for a living and I love your blog design and layout. Looks so great and is so appropriate for a blog that focuses on cuisine. As for this post, you are very correct, you definitely have control of the variables when you cook your own meal, pick your own ingredients and set your own atmosphere! Great post!

    Jupiter Jim

  3. Liz
    1:12 pm on November 26th, 2011

    Thanks Jim and everyone! 🙂 Have a great day ahead!

  4. roy
    1:09 am on November 26th, 2011

    mmm tempting… you made me starving. I love these food.

  5. Tara Woodruff
    3:21 am on November 26th, 2011

    Your Blog ALWAYS makes me Hungry! YUM!!

  6. Jomar Lipon
    3:24 am on November 26th, 2011

    I love to eat. Some recipes are not familiar with me but since you recommended it. I will try to look on how to cook for this for my girlfriend or even my family. 🙂

  7. Tristan @ Virtual SEO Assistant
    7:17 am on November 26th, 2011


    Obviously, I love pasta and yes, Spag Bol is on the list!

  8. Marxia
    4:05 pm on December 22nd, 2011

    Thanks for this blog. I’ll try to cook these dishes on our anniversary. Then end the night with a chocolate cake from Cravings in Kamias, the one near ASHA school.

  9. michymichymoo
    8:12 pm on February 11th, 2012

    Fajitas? Hmm, I’d love to try one soon.. 🙂

  10. Liz
    8:47 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Yeah, you’ll love it!

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