I have already read 3 articles concerning Georgia, the Big Bad Blogger and the extortionist PR firm.
For your reference:
1. Please Dont Give Blogging a Bad Name
2. Jagged Jaded Journalist and the Big Bad Blogger
3. I Told You So

I tried to post a comment on the first one but the spam filter whatever is not appearing, therefore my comment was not accepted. On the second article, I have nothing much to say. Is he taking sides? Questioning around and the like, hence the search for credibility.  As for the third one, two thumbs up! And he got tons of integrity and credibility for his readers.

Here’s a copy of my comment to that post:

I’m taking this as a warning. I’ve been blogging for years and just started a food blog last May 2010. I don’t know if you can call it a review but it’s more of narrating OUR experience. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s my boyfriend who writes the post. I have at least 10 more pending post because of missing menus. Errr, I mean I have the images taken by my cellphone but we lost the receipts and it’s been a while. So hard to recall what we’ve ordered. There are actually few post on that blog, got no luxury of time to write, but have plenty to EAT. 🙂

I salute you MM! My first time here by the way. I have more than 12 blogs and monetizing 1/4 of it. Now that couplestrip is PR2 (after the most recent PR update) I believe that it will also be on it’s way to monetization. But because it is a niche blog, I’m seeing link advertisers as the target market. In fact, I just declined few offers earlier via email. $50 for 5 links on my sidebar, life time. Oh well. It’s supposed to be my first ever earning from couplestrip but I think it’s too early to decide, and somehow, too low. 🙂

The article caught me in a sense that it exposed some Bloggers (ok, just BBB) as a threat in the food industry. And with this hype, I’m not sure what future awaits couplestrip. Whatever happens, I’ll keep updating this blog. It’s our FOOD Trip anyway. And I am not a professional food blogger to start with. 😀

I am not as brilliant as them so I can not create such compelling post. For now, I am happy to learn from what I’ve read and very contented with my comment.

I believe I’m not going off topic here… this is my blog anyway. And it’s not always about food, so let it be…

ntegrity and credibility
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