Top Three Steak Houses In America


United States is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and gorgeous celebrities. However, there is also another important attraction in America that make tourists keep coming back. America is also famous... »more

Yumemiya Japanese Cafe

Yumemiya Fried Prawn Bowl

Rei and KC have been so kind to us eversince and we are really thankful when this couple invited us for a double date at Yumemiya Japanese Cafe on Rei’s birthday. One of the owners of this cafe is a friend of Rei’s sister so they decided... »more

I’ll Get Back to You, Thai Pan!

Food at Thai Pan

We had our Team APAC Get Together/Dinner at Thai Pan last night but because I came late along with my two other friends, I didn’t get the chance to taste all the food they ordered. I just contented myself with Chicken Curry and Green Mango Shake.... »more

Mashed Potato

A lot of people enjoy eating mashed potato and if you are one of those individuals who savor the taste of mashed potatoes along with creamy gravy then this is how you can make one: Ingredients:  1 ½ Ibs Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and quartered length-wise ½ teaspoon of salt 4 tablespoon of heavy cream 2 tablespoon of butter 1 tablespoon of milk Salt and pepper Step 1: Put the potatoes in a saucepan and then add ½ teaspoon of salt. Put some water until all the potatoes are submerged and bring it to boil then reduce the heat and let it simmer covered for 15-20 minutes. If it is done earlier... 

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Barbecue Party

It can be an exciting experience to hold barbecue parties especially during the summer season. But whatever season it is, you can always invite your friends for a cup or tea or barbecue party. And it does not have to be that difficult to organize such as long as you keep the following tips in mind: Location: There is no other place to hold a barbecue party than in a patio. Since barbecue parties are often buffet style, it is important that the table being used to hold the different foods be arranged in a way that salads and sauces are accessible especially when you are holding a plate containing... 

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If you are one of those people who are diagnosed with celiac disease and or someone who cannot consume food which has gluten content then it is important that you take note of the following tips when it comes to designing a gluten-free diet: Consult Your Physician: The first thing that you have to do before you enjoy some tasty food for a gluten free diet is to consult with a physician on what foods you should avoid, and what foods you should eat. Furthermore, you have to also ask if some of the medications you’re taking contains protein and find out if some of the foods that you are consuming... 

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United States is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and gorgeous celebrities. However, there is also another important attraction in America that make tourists keep coming back. America is also famous for its delicious steaks. Food experts say that American prime beef is one of the finest in the world. Anywhere in the country, you will find the best restaurants that serve mouth-watering steak recipes. If you’re a meat lover and you’re planning to travel to the Land Of The Free, be sure to visit the following steakhouses: Old Homestead Steakhouse,... 

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A lot of people enjoy eating dumplings; cooked balls which are occasionally made out of flour, potatoes, and sometimes bread. Dumplings are delicious and usually have vegetables and fish and meat in it and can be cooked by boiling them, simmering them and most common of all, steaming them or frying them. The thing with dumplings is that you can be flexible in it and in fact, you can make a dumpling soup with the following ingredients. Ingredients: 1 ½ cups of all purpose flour 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon of salt 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil 1 egg ¾ cups of water or more 6 medium-sized... 

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With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to learn how to make easy and cheap cocktails to keep your friends and family happy. With just a few essential ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up a batch of yummy drinks and look like a cocktail whizz. Although you’ll look professional, you won’t have to splash out and you’ll be keeping your summer drinking to a budget. Below is a list of just a few cocktails you can try; remember, once you’ve bought the ingredients, there’s nothing stopping you from making your own creations! Jellies This is a great way, and more importantly,... 

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To enjoy good health, it is important to follow a nutritious diet containing all the essential food groups. There are certain vitamins that contribute to eye health, so make sure these are part of your daily meal plan. Taking vitamins and micronutrients specific to eye health may assist in preventing or delaying age related eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Poor nutrition can lead to impaired vision or even blindness later in life. Vitamin D Research has shown that vitamin D and vitamin D3 may help prevent macular degeneration in people over 50. Vitamin D also helps to... 

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Coffee Maker

If you have ever been involved in event planning or pulling together a meeting you know coffee is an important part of the mix. Be it a church social, a get together at the clubhouse, bridge club or a town council meeting, most folks expect hot coffee. That can be a challenge, but with coffee K-Cup® style your worries are over – no hassles about decaffeinated versus regular or who prefers a bold roast over a mild blend because it is all taken care of. With an on demand coffee maker and a K-Cup® pack holder you can actually participate in the meeting or event and let the coffee take care of... 

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Thai Red Chicken Curry

Did you know that chicken curry is a common delicacy in the southern and eastern part of Asia as well as the Caribbean? If you have noticed, chicken curry is often served in fine dining restaurants in these locales compared to restaurants in the west. The main ingredients in most curry dishes in addition to chicken and the curry powder are spices such as masala powder, ginger, saffron which are dependent on the kind of curry being served.  And one of the most delicious curry dishes that you can learn how to cook is the Thai Chicken Curry. So what are the ingredients that you need to cook this... 

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Preparing Food at home

With rising fuel prices, food prices have also been going up recently.  The reason is that the biggest driver of food prices is the cost of gas to get that food to the market (and to run the air conditioning that keeps it cool).  As such, it is important to be mindful of the price of food, and try to cut back on the expense where necessary.  Here are some simple tips to help you save money on food. Plan Ahead Planning ahead is the biggest thing you can do to save money on food.  If you don’t, you’ll find yourself at home, hungry, and then you will just go out to a restaurant and spend a... 

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